Ticket Payment
All tickets must be paid within 14 days of receiving the ticket to avoid late fees. Defaults are subject to a $40 cost to compel ticket disposition. Tickets over 57 days delinquent will be assessed an additional 20​% late fee.
You must contact the District Court Office if:
  • You wish to deny responsibility/plead not guilty
  • Your ticket is older than 14 days
The 82nd District Court does not take tickets under advisement under any circumstances.

Payment Method
  • If you are a Michigan Resident and your license is not suspended, personal checks are acceptable.
  • If you are not a Michigan resident or your license is suspended by the court, only bank certified checks or money orders are accepted. Make certified check or money order payable to 82nd District Court.
Convenient Payment
Fines and costs may also be paid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling PayGov at 866-480-8552 or by paying online. A convenience fee will be assessed by the credit card provider for all credit card transactions whether processed through the court or directly through PayGov.

Driver's License Points
Questions regarding points associated with tickets will need to be addressed with any Branch Office of The Secretary of State.