Violent Offenses

PACC Code Offense Description
750.72 Arson, dwelling (may allow if unoccupied)
750.83 Assault with intent to commit murder
750.84 Assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder
750.86 Assault with intent to maim
750.89 Assault with intent to rob armed
750.136B2 Child Abuse, 1st degree
750.316 Murder, 1st degree
750.317 Murder, 2nd degree
750.321 Manslaughter
750.329 Manslaughter, death from wound
750.349 Kidnapping
750.436(2) Poison – food/drink/med/wells – large amounts/injury
750.520b Criminal Sexual Conduct, 1st degree
750.520d Criminal Sexual Conduct, 3rd degree
750.529 Robbery, armed
750.529a Carjacking
750.531 Bank Robbery