County Services

  1. Clerk

    The duties of the County Clerk are prescribes by state statutes.

  2. Controller

    The Controller serves as the County’s Chief Administrative Officer. The Controller works closely with the Board of Commissioners researching and developing procedures for County policies.

  3. Equalization

    Equalization Department is responsible for the preparation of the equalization report for the Board of Commissioners.

  4. Register of Deeds

    The duties of the Register of Deeds are prescribed by state law and include official recording/filing of all legal documents affecting real property.

  5. Treasurer

    The Treasurer is the custodian of county monies, collector of delinquent taxes and other county funds, and the agent for disbursement of certain tax funds to local units of government and school districts.

  6. Online Services

    Portal page to various online services provided by Roscommon County