Frequently Asked Questions

  • Purchase permits are only required for purchases from private parties.They are not required when purchasing from a dealer.
  • Handgun Purchase Permit – A permit to purchase a handgun is available during normal business hours. Once you have received your purchase permit you have 30 calendar days to purchase. Once purchased you have 10 calendar days to return the MSP/Registry Copy to our department. If you fail to do so you may be subject to a State civil infraction costing up to $250.00.
  • If you do not purchase the handgun within the 30 day period the permit must still be returned.
  • Concealed Weapon Permit – An application packet to carry a concealed weapon may be obtained at the Roscommon County Clerk's Office during normal business hours. Complete instructions are contained inside the packet. Fingerprints for Concealed Weapon Permit are done on Wednesday and Friday from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. and the cost is $15.00.  Fingerprints cannot be done without all paperwork completed and fees are paid at the Roscommon County Clerk's Office.
  • Notary Fee – $5.00
  • Police Incident / Accident Reports – Most police reports are available after forty-eight (48) hours at the Roscommon County Sheriff's Office. The fee for receiving an incident report is $20.00 and must be paid in advance of receiving reportAccident reports can be obtained at Click on "register for an Involved Party Account" and follow the prompts. For customer assistance, please call the LexisNexis support line at 866-215-2771. There is a fee involved.
  • Fingerprints- If you need to be fingerprinted for certain licensing or job related activities, prints can be obtained between the hours of 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Wednesday and Friday. Photo identification is required. The fee for fingerprints is $50.00 for ink or $100.00 for Livescan.
  • Proof of Incarceration – Can be obtained with photo identification at the Roscommon County Jail, Visitation Entrance.