Animal Control/Shelter

The Roscommon County Animal Control Program consists of both the Roscommon County Animal Shelter and Animal Control Officers. All programs are funded through voter approved millages. 

Our Mission Statement

The Roscommon County Animal Shelter and Animal Control are dedicated to the care and humane treatment of all animals found stray, abandoned, or surrendered in Roscommon County. Our mission is to inspire compassion towards these animals as we also show compassion to those unable to care for them.

We encourage, through education, the importance of spaying and neutering all pets, vaccinating, and obtaining yearly licensing, not only for public safety, but also for the higher return rate of dogs at large. We strive to limit the use of euthanasia to instances when it is the humane course of action for sick or injured animals, or in cases of vicious, un-adoptable animals that may cause harm to the public community; striving for the best adoptable matches possible.

Our goal is to prevent animal neglect and cruelty as no animal should have to endure intentional harm at the hands of any human. We promise to be good stewards of public and donated funds, and use them towards bettering the life and well-being of the community and shelter pets.

Animal Control is a government entity whose duty is to enforce the local Animal Ordinances, the State of Michigan Dog Laws of 1919, and to respond to complaint driven reports in which animals are involved.

Roscommon County Animal Control Officers respond to complaints involving stray, injured and aggressive animals, concerns of animal's welfare/ cruelty to animals, and animal bites.  These complaints are received through the Roscommon County Animal Shelter and Central Dispatch 911.   

Animal Control Officers assist other law enforcement agencies as well as emergency personal when removal of animals is needed in times of emergency such as automobile accidents, public medical emergencies, and arrests.

A census for dog licensing is done yearly in Roscommon County by Animal Control, ensuring all dogs are current on rabies vaccines and updating a count on licensed dogs for the Roscommon County Treasurer.

Animal Control does NOT respond to wildlife complaints unless a domestic animal has been involved in a bite with a wild animal.  All wildlife concerns and complaints may be addressed through the A.R.K. at 989-389-3305.

Animal Control is on duty 8 a.m. through 6 p.m., seven days a week, and responds after hours for emergency call outs only, regarding, but not limited to, animals in the roadway, aggressive or injured animals, animals in harms way, or assistance with law enforcement or emergency personal.   

Animal Control will remove deceased domestic animals from the county roadways.

For animal complaints and concerns please call:

Roscommon County Animal Shelter 989-366-0260

Central Dispatch/Emergency Only 989-275-0911

What We Do

The shelter accepts strays and homeless pets as per official policies, investigates complaints, and rescues animals in emergencies.

We encourage and support the community to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and microchip their pets. We are pleased to offer low-cost services to help out.

Low-cost cat spay/neuter clinic: males are $45 and females are $55. At the time of surgery, you may get the distemper combo vaccine for $15 and rabies vaccine for $10. Call the shelter at (989) 366-0260 to learn more.

Micro-chipping is available at $25. Call the shelter at (989) 366-0260 to learn more.

We hold low-cost vaccination clinics in January and February. All dogs over 4 months of age must be licensed annually and have a current rabies vaccination. New licenses are available November 1 - February 28 each year. Beginning March 1, licenses are considered delinquent. Licenses are the best way to get your lost dog home quickly! Cost is $5.00 for spayed/neutered dog, $10 for unfixed dog, only $2 for spayed/neutered dog if owner is 62 years of age or older.

We do not perform public euthanasia of pets. You must contact a veterinarian for that service.  

Pet Adoption

Check out our adoptable pets at or or call us at 989-366-0260 to make an appointment for a meet and greet.