Smart911 for Citizens

No one plans on calling 9-1-1 but now you can plan ahead. is a free and easy way for you to plan ahead in case of an emergency.  When you create a Smart911 profile you're creating a secure place to store critical, potentially life saving, information.  This information is available to 911 only when you call 911. 

How important might it be for the 911 dispatcher to immediately know about a severe allergy, heart condition, or other medical issue preventing you, or a loved one, from being able to speak and provide an address?  Perhaps you have someone in your home who would be dependent upon a fire fighter to help them out of the home in the event of a fire.  What ever it is, you can make that information available to 911 by going to, creating a profile, and uploading as much information as you like.  It could save a life.  

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