Smart911 for Facilities

Smart911 for Facilities is an excellent, and secure, way for businesses, schools, and organizations to make important information available to 911.  Smart911 facility profiles can contain emergency contact information, floor plans, hazardous material lists, and whatever information a business owner or facility administrator would like first responders to know.  Additionally, a facility may have buildings located throughout the area and the facility profile can be set up to be separate or tied together.  

Another feature of Smart911 Facilities is the ability for a profile to be set up to be activated when someone calls within a designated geographic area or "geofence."  For example, a citizen in the parking lot of your business sees an armed subject enter the building.  Using her own phone she dials 911.  When answered, the business' Smart911 Facilities profile is displayed, immediately providing important information such as entrance and exit locations or employee names.  It is entirely up to the business what information they wish to share. 

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Smart911 Facility