Record & Transcript Requests

​Record Requests

Unless access to a case record or information contained in a record as defined in MCR 8.119(D) is restricted by statute, court rule, or an order entered pursuant to MCR 8.119(I), any person may inspect that record and may obtain copies as provided in MCR 8.119(J). In accordance with MCR 8.119(J), the court may collect a fee for the cost of this service, including the cost of providing the new record in a particular medium. MCR 8.119(H)(1).

All requests to access, inspect, and/or for copies of court records must be made on an "Access To Court Records Request Form," pursuant to LAO D82, 2020-11J. 

​Transcript Requests

All transcript requests must be made on a "Transcript Order Form." Transcripts are prepared in the order in which they are ordered, and filed within the time limits prescribed by the Michigan Court Rules. (MCR 7.109[B], MCR 7.210[B])