What is the 34th Circuit Community Corrections Advisory Board?
The board was formally established on Sept. 2, 1992. The board is comprised of a broad base of community interests including representatives from government, the judiciary, criminal justice practitioners, educators, business persons, clergy, citizens, news media and service providers. Appointments to the CCAB are made by the respective member county board of commissioners. The current county members are: Arenac, Ogemaw and Roscommon Counties.

All CCAB programs are primarily funded with P.A. 511 grant monies from the Michigan Department of Corrections, Office of Community Corrections, Each member county provides in-kind match to the grant via office and meeting space, utility overhead expenses, and shared use of office equipment and vehicles (when available).

The 34th Circuit CCAB meets bi-monthly, usually on the first Wednesday of the month at 4:30 p.m. Meetings formerly were rotated among the three member counties. On June 2, 1999, the CCAB approved a By-Law change to conduct all regular bi-monthly meetings are the centrally located Ogemaw County Building in West Branch. Meeting schedules are posted in each member county building. Meetings are open to the public and opportunities for public comment are provided at each meeting.

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