Was my property chosen for spraying this year?

The Roscommon County Gypsy Moth Program makes spray block maps available on the website as soon as treatment areas are finalized around the middle of February. Each year in April the parcels chosen for spraying are mailed a post card spray notice. Also, local townships have maps in their offices and a notice of spraying appears in the local newspapers.To find out if your property is in a spray block, visit the Gypsy Moth main page for the most current map.

Spray Map page.

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1. Why does Roscommon County spray?
2. What biological insecticide is used?
3. Was my property chosen for spraying this year?
4. When are spray blocks treated?
5. Will the trees in my yard or woodlot die once the leaves are completely chewed off by the gypsy moth?
6. Why is there a Suppression Spray Program?
7. How do I request spraying or apply to a Suppression Program to be sprayed if I live outside the county?