Why does Roscommon County spray?
Gypsy Moth caterpillars feed on the leaves of many trees and shrubs, especially oaks. Their populations can grow so quickly that they can, in one summer, strip all the leaves off entire stands of trees, damaging them severely. When surveys indicate the population of the pest in an area is large enough to cause defoliation of trees in June, reduction action is taken. Spray treatments reduce such outbreak populations below the level at which they can cause heavy defoliation.

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1. Why does Roscommon County spray?
2. What biological insecticide is used?
3. Was my property chosen for spraying this year?
4. When are spray blocks treated?
5. Will the trees in my yard or woodlot die once the leaves are completely chewed off by the gypsy moth?
6. Why is there a Suppression Spray Program?
7. How do I request spraying or apply to a Suppression Program to be sprayed if I live outside the county?