What is the CPL process for new/renewal holders?

You must come into the County Clerk’s office to apply for a new CPL.  

To renew a CPL, the completed application may be submitted in person to our office, through the CPL renewal website at www.michigan.gov/cplrenewal or by first-class mail to the MSP, not more than 6 months before, nor one year after the expiration of your current CPL.   

When applying in person, bring your driver’s license & current CPL or training certificate. Fill in the CPL application. The application fee is $115.00 for a renewal CPL or $100.00 for a new CPL.  Bring payment to the Clerk's office for the application processing and $15.00 to the Sheriff’s Department for fingerprinting.  If you are a new applicant you must come on a Wednesday or Friday between 1:00 PM & 3:00 PM to get fingerprints at the Sheriff’s Department. For fingerprinting, you will need to present the receipt given to you from the Clerk’s office.

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